"A welcoming team who comes alongside you to help your child be their best self. They listen and are willing to advocate/brainstorm with you. They greet your child with a smile and by name every time they walk through the door. The hard work your child does is accomplished through play and fun activities, so grateful for the time UPP gave to our family and the lasting impacts they’ve made."

JJ Waggoner

"[Mrs. Julie] has helped him in so many ways, but has greatly improved his handwriting. She is great at communicating with me and giving me tips to help him progress as fast as possible."

Chelsie Semkoff

"Cannot recommend UPP more! They just moved to a brand new building and it is amazing! The staff is wonderful and so thoughtful and caring- especially with our autistic kiddos.! We’ve seen multiple therapists and they’ve all been wonderful! BEST OT in all of Norman and the surrounding areas!"


"I'm very thankful for Unlimited Potential! Their staff goes ABOVE AND BEYOND for my daughter! She loves OT and has shown so much progression within her time at UPP."

Lacey Keith

"We love UP! Our therapist Brianna Hill has been monumental in helping transition our child from being fitful and emotion to a patient, kind, and caring child we knew he was. Her patience, support, insights, and recommendations have helped so much!"

Cayce Hedrick

"My wife and I love Unlimited Potential! Everyone that works there genuinely cares about the experience for the entire family. There has never been a moment we were not treated with top-level care, respect, and support. They are professional and flexible to do whatever is best for the child and family. We highly recommend Unlimited Potential!"

Ethan Sellers