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Unlimited Potential was built on the core belief that children have so much life ahead of them and what we do now greatly affects the trajectory of the rest of their lives. We succeed when our patients feel empowered to live more independently. And we exist to eliminate the limitations that get in the way. 


At UP, we recognize the potential within each and every child. Through our combined 10 years of experience, we’ve discovered various ways to properly equip children and their families to set our patients up for success in school, in relationships, at home, and in their future careers. 


Our process is unique in that we meet our patients where they are. We believe in a friend-to-friend approach, and the way we interact with our patients is comfortable, relaxed, and approachable. Because of our unique, non-authoritarian method, we’re able to connect with our patients in a meaningful way and build genuine relationships with them. This allows our treatment to go much further because the children feel engaged and and committed to their success. 

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